Primary Authority Partnership

Primary Authority is a means for a business to receive assured and tailored advice on Environmental Health, Licensing and Trading Standards matters. If your business trades online, across multiple local authority areas or if your business trades in one local authority area you can enter into a legal partnership with a single authority, who becomes your ‘Primary Authority’.

The benefits of a Primary Authority Partnership are:

Assured advice – the advice given by a Primary Authority is nationally binding and other councils are required to take this into account when carrying out inspections or dealing with non-compliance. This helps to cut down on red tape, reducing inspection times, costs and confusion caused by conflicting advice Reduced risk of non-compliance Reduced cost of compliance Simplified regulatory process - allowing you to work with a single local authority A single point of contact with a designated officer who gets to know you and your business

The City of Wolverhampton Council can offer businesses Primary Authority Partnerships, providing:

Direct access to Environmental Health Officers and Trading Standards Officers Allocation of a dedicated Environmental Health Officer of Trading Standards Officer who will get to know your business and provide you with tailored support Robust, reliable advice and expertise to reduce risks and the cost of failure Liaison with other councils to provide a single point of contact Assured advice to the business: local regulators must respect the advice of the Primary Authority which can, if necessary, block proposed enforcement action by other local authorities that it regards as inconsistent with its advice or guidance Where appropriate, a national inspection plan can be produced, to ensure inspections by other regulators are coordinated saving time and resources A review of processes and procedures Staff training bespoke to your business needs


We offer an initial introductory consultation to discuss the needs of your business, free of charge. Simply contact us to book an appointment.

Thereafter, the Primary Authority Partnership will comprise various activities depending on your business requirements:

Initial 30-minute introductory consultation 
One-off set up fee
Primary Authority advice and assured advice
Inspection plans
Referrals from other Trading Standards Authorities of Enforcement bodies
On-going strategic support
Development activity

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