Food Safety Consultancy

If you do not currently have a high food hygiene rating, you could be losing customers due to your score.

That’s where we come in. By working with us, you will be able to Trade with Confidence, improve your food hygiene rating and ultimately boost the number of customers coming through your door.

We offer a comprehensive, tailored consultancy service to support businesses achieve and/or maintain a Food Hygiene Rating Score of 5.  Whilst we are based in Wolverhampton, our services are available to any business who are committed to putting food safety first.

Our consultation service addresses the specific needs of both new and established businesses, looking to retain or boost their current score. By purchasing our food safety consultation, businesses have direct access to food safety advice delivered by experienced food safety officers that will help food businesses be the ‘best of the best’.

Increase customers Take pride in your business Improve or retain a high food hygiene rating Protect your reputation Save your business money

Tailored Consultation

Ideal for any size business, one of our expert Environmental Health consultants will discuss your business needs and provide specialised advice and guidance including: allergens, food labelling, sampling, nutritional information, business regulation advice and training on completing your SFBB pack. We can also provide appropriate signposting for planning and licensing advice if required. Written feedback can be provided if required.

Cost: £77 per hour

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